Saturday, February 1, 2014

Its about the future.

hey yoo, it has been so long i haven't update my lovely munchies blog. Since i was kinda too busy beeswax , so i left this blog behind. I'm so cruel and brutal, yeah i know that. Don't you say that, i might pissed you off. I'm kinda get offend easily. heheh. Stop talking about me for now. Well well, it still has 1 month and a few weeks before i get the result. Welll emmm, I'M SHIVERING !! I cant imagine the grade that will come up on my result. Well, what will it be, i accept all of that . I had been struggling until  now. In this period, i keep learning about English, improve my English and whatsoever. And i wish i could study further in TESL course. I like English but sometimes my English got bad, and the worst so ever. I wanna be like the other people who can pong pang pong pang converse or talk in English. Well, English is international language. So, i really want to be the one who can speaks English fluently, please !! JEBAL, one day in the future. Not because i don't like my national language, I LIKE IT SO MUCH and im proud to be MALAYSIAN, but sometimes i want to learn a lot of languages. Such as English, Korean, Chinese, France and whatever. I really want it. So until now, i keen and keep striving to learn about English. I'm also like to continue my study in Business Study. It sounds like interesting, right. And MONEY. ahahhahaha.. Just because in my family, there's no one try on Business, i want to make it as a challenge . heheheh, We'll see. 

So, i've no idea anymore, My brain just like wanna bust out. So im surrender .. hehe. Goodbye and thanks for spending you time by read this crazy blog. Hope you guys keep visit my blog.. hehe, really obsess with the popularity, heh! Go die laa.. 


im not a smart student, but i keen to learn something new. hehe

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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