Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Let You Go

I don't know when the time i started to love you.. The feeling just came like that.  I cant controlled my feeling. I realized who i am.. I was a dumb, loopy and moron when i realized i'm fall in love.. I knew you since i was a little. We played together. At that moment, i felt some strange feeling. " AM I LOVE HIM??!" I stopped my day dream. And i saw you in front of me. You smiled to me. And i too. Are we're meant to be?? That's the word always repeat in my mind. When you're gone, i was too sad. And i thought, when we can meet like this again.. Day by day, " when time ticking, people change.. INCLUDING ME ~ " i received this message from you. And, on that day too, i was disappointed with you. I'm considered you a lot of expectation. i thought you will treat me as kind as a princess. but you didn't. I've been waiting for you a long times ago. I don't what to show off that i liked you. I think every second when we're together.    

after all.. what i have done to you..

I know, everybody wanted a love. and i admit that . But, i will not trust and believe any sweet talks from any guys again. And i trust that Allah has determined who is my life partner. I trust that. And I will let it will come to me someday. A PURE LOVE. CINTA YANG HALAL. I don't have to find it. IT will find me someday when the time has come. I believe all of that.


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Monday, September 17, 2012

Love 'em

Hye There! today, i'm gonna to share with you about my Best Friends. We've been through as a best friend since 2005. AWESOME.. Let's have a look..

 This is Amani. Aku dah kawan dengan dia dah 7 tahun. Firstly, aku diperkenalkan dengan Amani pada tahun 2004 (time tu dah nak habis tahun kot..) oleh jiran sebelah rumah aku. Time tu, aku dalam proses nak pindah rumah. So, aku pon kawan lah ngan Amani ni. Ya la.. orang baru pindah, mesti nak cari kawan baru. Then, on 2005, aku dah pindah. Time nak masuk sekolah ni yang aku kekok. Time tu, aku pon buat lah muka suci. heheh! Then, aku nampak Amani. Amani ni budak pandai. Dok kelas nombor satu. Meanwhile, i was in a second class. tolong lah paham keadaan yang aku ni budak baru masuk sekolah.  Tapi, time tu kami tak berapa rapat lagi sebab time tu aku rapat dengan Yusra Hanis. *bestfriend lama aku* Tapi, aku still kenal amani lah. Darjah empat, amani dok sekelas ngn aku. hikhik. Banyak gila kenangan, tapi jugak.. time tu aku tak beropa baik ngn dia. aku still dengan yusra. Masuk standard 5, kawan rapat aku bertambah .. Zahirah entered the gang. Zahirah ni anak ustazah sekolah aku. Aku pon mak aku mengajar kat sekolah aku. so, every my footsteps my mum will discover .. hehe. So, anak cikgu kena lah buat perangai baik while sometimes 'mencuri tulang'. Naik ja darjah enam, berlaku pertambahan member.. iaitu Farhana and Aisyah.. Time tu, hubungan aku ngn yusra dah macam nak renggang. Tapi, i still can bear it . Lepas terima result UPSR, aku dah lost contact ngn yusra and zahirah. hurrmm... sedihhhhh..

ni lah yusra hanis. comel kannn...

ni pulak, Zahirah.. comell nya dia ni..

then, masuk lah aku ke alam sekolah menengah. hurrrm.. kat sekolah menengah ni aku jumpa ramai kawan kat sekolah rendah Langgar. aku ditempatkan di 1 Arif. kelas yang pertama. aku jumpa amaniiii... hehe... sejak tu kami jadi bestffriend until now,. disamping tu jugak, aku best friend dengan dua kawan2 yang comel iaitu Atikah and Afini. They are like a twin.. Kami pon jadilah geng 4 serangkai .. hehe.. depa tiga orang ni pandai. Masuk form 2, aku turun kelas. Aku asyik sangat ber angan2 waktu form one disamping bahasa arab aku hancur. hahaah.. Don't force me to learn arab again.. masuk form two, aku kawan baik dengan Farhana, Syahirah dan Hidayah, Kelas kami 2 Bestari yang paling popular dengan kebisingan tahap dewa. selalu cikgu complaint pasal kami. hahah! tapi, tahun 2010 tu lah yang paling aku sayang.. hidup kami penuh tawa, mengilai, and all of crazy thing belong to us. heheh..Aku dengan farhana memang baik sampaikan kamilah yang selalu menjadi role model for our choir group.. heheh ! berangan ko Jah !! Time form two lah kami berlima bergabunng. Aiman, Amani, Farhana, Afini and Atikah. huhuhu !! besttt sangat !! nak pi mana2 nnampk lah kami geng power rangers sekalian. hehehe !  Kami pun antara salah seorang anggota koir. Kami jugak sangat setia dengan koir but sometimes it take a long time to persuade tikah and fini to enter the choir. KURENG !! huhu.. but it was such a beautiful moment.. Guys,,, i will not forget our memories when we are together.. Hope you all too...

ni time kuiz matematik. soalan susah nak mamppppss

 time ni aku still kelabu asap.. hihi.. 
hari guru 2011. aiman and farhana



jalan-jalan kat highway . tapi, time ni highway takguna lagi. so, kami merempit lah time ni. heheh.. 
picca 2011

3 bestari yang best .. 

 kem PRS yang terrrrsangat besttt..

rindunya time niiii

with budak pandai.. 

first of all, i want to ask an apology for what i've done toward you all.. 


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

We were lost contact. But, i will find you..

hey peeps, long time no see. hurrm, anyway, i really not so good in this night. I feel lazy to update my blog. There's no soul for my to type on my lappy's keyboard. THAT'S because i keep thinking about him. I sent a message but 'he' didn't reply. Oh MY ! I just want to say that I really want we being like before. Always Sending message if we're bored. BUT, WHY!!? you did not reply my message??! Or you just played around with me before. Just want to fulfill your free time by texting me?!!! I know i was to dump till i didn't know that you just playing around me and made me feel something strange feeling toward you. And probably you want me to pat hand will not sound. Okey, I admit that i have another feeling toward you ! And I feel this is enough.
My brain is facing with zero idea. thanks for reading guys. I really don't have any idea. It is because i keep imagine his silhouette. I am loopy right now. HEHKK???!!!!

Balik Selama, Kedah tadi. Best tak kata apa lah sebab lama gegilouus tak balik kampung..


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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random out of my Mind

ollallaaa.. ! This day, i am not so good for doing anything. my jobs are sleeping , watching Korean Drama, eat and so on. But, i did not touch my homework yet ! Teruk, right? hahaha.. i know i love to finish my works in a  last minute. At least, i have finish my works,, right? And, tomorrow, i will go back to my hostel. After that, i will do know when i will go back to hometown yet. My school's office management is so dull. They will announce something that important at last minute. sometimes, i'm gonna break some furniture when my school is doing something like humid . arghh, sometimes, we are late to inform something that important to our parents. Okay, stop getting mad, Aiman. you will ruin anything. okay, i just want to tell you us that i watched princess hour . it was a royal drama. i watched that drama because i adore the actor. hikhiii.. 

muka mintak penampaq.

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