Saturday, March 31, 2012


yeah!! i realized that i am a stupid girl... and i  know i was too moron when i was messaging with you.. aku percaya bulat-bulat apa yang ko kata.. memang aku respect gegilerrr la bila ko kata ko tak nak couple berbagai... aku pon percaya la cakap ko.. then, kita dah tak mesej macam dulu.. selalu jer ko free bila nak mesej ngn aku.. aku tau muka ko tu suci, muka baik... so, i trusted you 100%... memang best la.. bila dah lama tak mesej, i just wondering why you didn't messaging with me again... maybe you are a busier man.. it's okay... i believe you buddy.. but, why??? why you hide that you already have a girl... a lover.. why?? you suppose to tell  me that you already have a special one.... please don't make me have another feeling toward you  until i know that you already have a girlfriend... memang best la apabila ditipu petak-petak !! aku sedar siapa aku... i'm not wise like you... but, please !! jebal !! jangan buat aku tertanya-tanya yang ko tu dah ada GF or not.. you said to me that you don't want to couple in your teenage life... you ARE LIER !! tak sangka aku... 

have i need to trust another sweet talk from another guys ??
there's no NEED !!!!
my last sentences..

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silent is GOOD

all of people have their story to tell.. without any boundaries and block.. but, it will safe if we just silent before it getting worst.. but, maybe when we quiet, there's no story to disclosed.. it's really sick if we just keep the secret that it surely make us agitated.. some people said that, if we told our story, it will make us happy and satisfied with our decision... and some people said that, if we exposed our secret, it will make our secret exposed just like the dust fly any where and will make people felt annoyed with air pollution... which is better?  just think about it...

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Saturday, March 3, 2012


bonjour!! hyeyo peeps.. lama tak dengar cerita.. actually, iman tengah holiday nie.. ada kat rumah mak sedara.. hurm... dah lama tak post entry ann?? hurm, tak dak masa la.. maybe, cuti bulan 3 nie fuul of entry.. ye la.. iman balik Kedah... 24 hours berkepit dengan lappy.. of course ! hurmm.. actually too, next week iman ada exam.. so, kena na berusaha sikit... even that's only ordinary exam, but.. yang tu la pencapaian iman semasa dok kat SMT Taiping.. hurm... is okay, lost but not lost forever right?

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