Thursday, January 1, 2015

it has been answered.

i want to be a better person to you. but i didn't get chance . i wanna be part of your life. but i accept that it is just a day dream. you already have someone else in your heart. i wanna be your special person in your life. but i didn't get the chance, though. i really wish that one day it would be real between us. but is too late. his heart is not belong to me. 

it belongs to someone else. it was my first confession truly from my heart. and it was the first time my love rejected . it was awful. i cried like hell last night. i kept istighfar and even ask forgiveness from Allah because i have loved someone else more than Him. Astaghfirullahalazim. Ya Allah please forgive me. it seems that it was a nightmare to me.

 i just been sincere last night. all that i said was true. no filter and lies. it was come from my heart. but i need to accept it with a whole of my heart. i know i can't bear it but i have too. even it tough for me, its too pain for me, i accept what will i face. i just hope that he always happy. even not with me. i need to accept the fact. if we're meant to be, then Allah will ease everything. 

if we're not, i accept it openly. sometimes, people will come and go from our life. including love. i must strong even it will take a long time to forget everything. i need Your guides , Ya Allah. life must go on. life must continue even we still unclear with our future. we have to face it as strong as we can. we have to move on.

i must go on.

i must move on. 

i have faith in myself. insya Allah i can do it. Ya Allah , please give me a lot of strengths. i need it. 

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome