Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dusty My Little Diary Book

perghh, it has been sooooooooooo  long i haven't update my cutie pie. Well, i am a University's student. Busy is my close friend, though. But suddenly, i want to update my blog. What up? what happened to me until i decided to write something in my personal diary. Eyyy, there must be something strange happened, aight? Well, lets discover it.

It has a lot of story that i wanted to disclose. It's about my University's life as well, up and down friend's matters, full with assignments, and at last the curse of FINAL EXAM that i just finished it about 4days ago. phewsss... it was so scary and wrecking my nerves like crazy. But, Alhamdulillah, i went through it smoothly and i leave it to Allah. =) 

Living as a student is kinda tough things to do. We cant hope for any lecture to teach us hardly or strictly. We have to find and seek them to ask anything about what we couldn't understand. But, thank to Allah cuz have given me the best ever lecturers that teach and pointed what is right and wrong. I just got my "spooky" lecturer. Allah, at first, i thought she was a kind, soft and feminine. Based on her voices in phone calll, her soft and sweet voices came in the phone. i was automatically believing that she was a lady with a feminine characters while my friend were thinking the same way with me. 

When we entered the class, which was HER class, we stood dumbfounded. Our mouth locked like a prisoner got his handcuff on his hand. Her charismatic was totally made us shocked like bloody crazy. Nobody couldn't speak well at her class.It was silent just like at graveyard. Mannnn, it was so scary though. But finally, we realised that she is the best lecturer ever. She gave me a message to send to all my colleagues to do the best on final exam. I finally realised that she was not too fierce and strict. She also has humanity in herself, right? hahahaha.. 

I think that all for this night. I gotta have to wake very early for tomorrow morning. Just because i did it far once at the time, i have to repeat it until it becomes my daily routine. HIKHIKHIKHIK.

Till then, thanks for reading for those who read my dusty and misty blog. Goodbye. 

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome