Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rise and Shine

morning everybody. This morning, our little Wafi woke up so earlier than we expected. 6.55 am, i guess. I was with him while my mother and sister had to prepare themselves to go work. And suddenly, he cried. Well, i'm usually get up early cos i will perform my solah. So, my mother asked me to stay with him while she had to get ready to the school, same goes to my sister too. And before this,Wafi always wake up approximately 10 until 11 am. But this day, he was shocking us. I still remember when kakteh still at home, she would take care of Wafi. She slept with Wafi. And every morning too, i would follow ayah to send my mother. It was so cold and refreshing. It happened before this drought has appeared. i miss that remembrance. hehehe, and i do miss my sisters too. 

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