Tuesday, February 18, 2014

really addicted with Singing.

Actually i really love singing. Well, duduk sorang-sorang dalam bilik, play the instrumental music and HEAT IT ! Then, feeling-feeling macam duduk atas stage. Sing as much as you can sampai suara serak kalah Ramli Saripppp. Hahaha. That is part from my hobby right now after drawing. But i feel like i'm going to quit drawing. Tapi, my cousin asked me to make a portrait to her, so i need to manage a portrait to her . 

I like singing since i was a child. Can you imagine, i dared myself to stand on a table. It was a big table. * my mother used it waktu mak aku bukak tusyen kat rumah*. Then, i sang on the table. Hahaha. Ala, i was really happy at that time. Felt like i was a fabulous singer on that century. Hahaha. And until now, it becomes as my obsession. And i realized i have a nice voice. ekekekeke. But, i can't show or sing in front of people especially men. Hohoho, suara tu aurat bagi wanita YEOOB ! hahaha. So, i think, singing alone in my room is enough for me to release my obsession toward singing. Sometimes, i think i want to make some cover too. apehall kau ni, suara itu aurat. So, i forget about my intention. hahaha. I love my own voice. And i really thank to Allah cos had given me this lovely voices. *kembang. hahaha. But, the only lucky man that can hear me singing wherever and whenever is my future husbeng. hahaha. 

Thanks a lot cos drop by here. Come visit again. ~~

it is just my hobby laaa.. 

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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