Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alhamdulillah, Officially 18.

Subhanallah, Thanks Allah for giving me the chance to keep breathing until now. I dont know what i wanna say. Im too clueless. Birthday is a day that we have to celebrate, pray, wish, and get a lot of presents. Everybody has their birth date, right? It is our precious day to us. People always ask me, " you might have a lot of gifts, right?" Well, imma a girl, a daughter and a friend. I dont like to ask them any present * but sometimes im begging to have it" haha. Okay, hypocrite ! =P . but, this time, im not asking for any present, because Allah had given me the most precious present for me. It is A life. My life. If He wouldnt give me this life, I might not be here, typing on this little keyboard on my netbook. I might not know anybody because i wasnt exist. So, I would like to Thanks to Allah for giving me this awesome life. My life that full with happy, cry, sad, laugh, angry and so on. Maybe, there wouldnt have this name, Nur Aiman. 

I pray to Allah to give me a long life, blissful, succeed in this world and in sya Allah in hereafter, Have a loyal and caring husband, good and kind sons and daughters, I want to see my parents smile because of me too. May Allah always bless me. And i hope i will be a better person soon, and i hope too i wanna be a good muslimah and insya Allah be a true mukmin. Amin. And i hope to I will get a good result soon. Insya Allah. I wish that everyone that knows me love me just the way i am..

Thats All. Thanks for reading. =D Adios !

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome


Aimy Razali said...

fuhh cantik nya aiman :)


.speaknow. said...

hahaha.. thanks Aimy,