Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello my lovely room

huhu. this quote is hint me. 
hye there, i'm come back to haunt this blog. sounds so scared. this day, i did a lot of waste things. my schedule was full by sleep. and i love it. when i woke up, i'm dizzy. thank you to Allah because i could breathe like before. 
actually, aku nak kongsi cerita dengan hampa semua. 2 days ago, i was tidy my room. even it so tiring, but i was satisfied with my work. everything has change. aku pon macam terkejut lah sebab boleh buang habuk yang aku rasa kalau orang yang ada penyakit asthma tu masuk bilik aku, mungkin boleh masuk ward. you judge yourself how a lot of dust in my bedroom. 
i started to tidy my room at 9.00 a.m. so early. and finished at approximate 5.00 p.m. how so long time. well, aku ni kalau buat kerja apa-apa, aku suka tangguh. that's the result. but, i am still proud and satisfied with myself. weee..

i capture the photo every angle of room. =)

 before this, this place has a lot of dust.

 this is what we call greedy. i'm a bit greedy about this. i have 4 towels with different function. one for body, one for hair, one for face and one for my hand. THAT IS SOOOO GREEDY.
muka ceria sebab bilik dah kemas. 

last but not least..
thanks eyka for this cute love maker. =) appreciate that !

he waved his hand to me, and i was too.. what the motive?

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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