Friday, November 23, 2012


peeppooorrraahhh !!! lama nya tak update blog. Since my internet has broken. So, aku mati kutu tak tau nak buat apa. Yela, lately, i was watching some varieties show, meet my Flower Boys also had being as babysitter for my nephew. Ya Allah, how naughty is he !! So, when i'd been asked my my mother to look after him, i just let myself to play with him. I'd heard every single cry, laugh, cackles by him. It made me so enjoyed . haha! So, i want to apologize to uolzz coz dah lama tak update blog. I know there's no guest to come up and visit my blog, i'm still pretending that i've 100 above visitor had came to my blog and i know it just kind of bluff .. So, thanks sangat to stalker or peeper yang selalu datang ke blog pink yang lusuh lagi maha berhabuk ni. I know i'm not like Fatin Liyana, Maria Elena that can attract people to visit their blog coz i knew that i am MISS NOT SO POPULAR. hahaha. and i admit that i'm also a loyal stalker of their blog because i loved their blog and the  owner of blog. *wewel kau, iman !!* So, that for this night, hope i'll update another post to serve uoolls. thankss. 

goodbye uolz~ assalamualaikum!

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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