Monday, November 5, 2012


heeehhoooohhaaa.. this night, i made two entry. well, what's the problem? as long as my hand not broken. heee... memandai ja kau ! actually, i miss someone. maybe not my friend. i don't know who is that. he came in my life. and i feel so close with him..
Okay, tak nak merepek. this period, i want to share with you about FRIEND. friend is the gift to us. if there's no friend, we will be alone. if there's no friend, we don't have story to tell. if no friend too, we also can't share our laugh, sadness, happiness together. am i right? yes. friend is like sibling. some friend can understand us but some friend can't understand us. there's friend that we trust them, and we tell the secret to them. and sometimes, if we in doubt with them, we close our mouth from tell our secret to them because we are not believe them . there's friend that make some trouble. we must avoid ourselves from being their friend. i'm afraid that we will influenced with them. as example, smoker. first, they will invite us to enter their smoking world. they will said 'come on, try this. it will make you feel fresh, calm and you will want it again'. this things always happen to the teenagers. they will accept the temptation and they will addicted to smoke. hurrmm.. so, i think you need to avoid this friend before they will ruin your life. But, if we have another solution, we can give them encouragement to stop smoking. we can guide them to stop smoking. hurm. that is a good idea. 
So, we need to choose the best friend and don't you pick your friend because she is beauty or good-looking.  We need to choose them from their heart. i also have my best friend. and i really thankful too Allah for has give me a good friend. i love them so much and will not forget them. they are so precious to me. i am lucky. 
GUYS, you made my life delighted. i will not forget every single time with you all. You all the best thing that have. dont ever forget me too. i know that i'm not too perfect to be your friend. thank you so much for accept me as you friend. YOU ARE AWESOME..

girls, i will don't know what is meaning of friend if your not by my side..
love you girlss...


Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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