Saturday, December 24, 2011

Love In The Ice

heeyyooo peeps.. this night is so boring.. i don't know to spend my free time.. hurgh! things that i always do is go to the the mirror, smiling like insane person..  pretend that i'm happy but i didn't.. who cares?? only Febreze *refresher* behind me.. yeah! i always online in my bedroom, i don't care what people are saying... that's my business and not your bleeping business... *babble* okey,okey,okey.... maybe i'm not your type.. but i'm still proud of myself.. maybe, in this time, you still text with your girl.. you will smile and laugh.. but, you won't notice that i've been stalked you.. hahaha! you won't know that.. i always pretend that i don't love you, but, i'm sick for loving you... 

nonsense at night make me happy..

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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