Thursday, December 22, 2011

Leave Them ALONE

hye peeps... today, iman terima result PMR... Alhamdulillah, iman takde fail.. tapi, iman redha dengan ketentuan ILAHI.. takpa2, SPM ni, iman struggle smpai nak gila... aish! hihihi.. owkeyh! 

why i can't prevent myself to forget him.. he always appear in front of my eyes.. i always think about him every second.. please, stop pretend that i don't love him.. but i do.. i do love him.. i can't hide this feeling again. every time i saw him, my heart will gulp.. how i can prevent that i don't love him... he always visible! i don't know if he keep his heart to me, but that won't happen because he always friend with more typo girl such that a beautiful, wise, and white-looked.. i know i'm not a kind of them but he always staring at me with a different speculation that might be i will recognise that he has a same feeling with me..  

but, suddenly, i dapat tahu that he got a flying colour.. after that, i've been stalk that girl. she also got the flying colour.. they're meant to be.. i can't interrupt their relationship because they love each other... if it is right.. you know, i always bluffing for myself that i think  that he loves me too.. but, i was wrong.. it out of sense.. i just day dream and just have been chestnut.. so embarrassing... if he knows that i was keep a space of my heart to him, he will laugh.. yeah, i'm not like his wants.. i just a girl who always flattering myself.. i just an ordinary girl....

hope both of you will glad each other...
sorry for my english broken.

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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