Friday, December 2, 2011

Back To December

so this is me swallowing my pride,
standing in front of you 
saying i'm sorry for that night,
and i go back to December all the time..

Okey, mesti korang tahu kan lagu di atas.. lagu di atas yang dipopularkan oleh Taylor Swift yang bertajuk Back To December.... hurm.. December? December ialah bulan yang ke-12 dalam setahun.. Actually, pada bulan 12 juga cuti panjang kan.. Bulan December jugak salji turun.. Pada bulan December ini, masing-masing ada kenangan yang manis kan? huhu! actually, i'm gonna story to you guys what's my tragedy in the last December.. Actually, not accident.. let's check it out! 

Last December, i spent my holiday at Pak Lang's house. Rumah pak lang kat Taiping. So, kat Taiping selalu hujan, * boleh dikatakan setiap hari la.. tapi, tak kerap* But! i liked to spend my holiday at Pak Lang's house... Iman selalu pergi dengan adik iman.. actually too, every year we spend our holiday at pak lang's house.. we so enjoyed and glad to live at pak lang's house.. hehehe =) Okey!  last december too, pak lang brought us to Kuala Lumpur for mak lang's convocation. hehe.. it was very wonderful time.. Kyumie * my cousin, Biha* and I entered in PWTC's hall.. it is a huge hall.. after the convocation, we were departure to Malacca with Cik Fiza.. hihi.. Kami naik Taming Sari.. kami naik Taming Sari pada wktu malam.. Ya Allah, it was a beautiful scenery.. We saw everything.. beauty of Malacca.. haha! At Malacca too, my cousin * Atep* have found a beautiful girl! hahaha... actually, he was attracted with her beauty. hahaha! I always teasing him and asked him to take her number.. hahaha! he got it! bravo to him~ After all of trip In Malacca and Negeri Sembilan.. We're back to Taiping.. hurmm..  

One Day, I was too bored.. then, i found a magazine.. * nama majalah dirahsiakan, sorry* I've seen a boy from that magazine.. he was so charming. ehek! I tried to ask Along *my cousin a.k.a atep* about that man and he knew that boy.. i'd liked fall in **** with that boy! hahahaah... yeah! for me., it's too funny.. I always staring at his face.. hehehe! okey! gedik~ day by day, my parents took me and hadi went to my granny's house... before i went to my granny's house, i've bring that magazine along with me.. hehehe.. 

all of sudden, my granny wants to go to Negeri Sembilan * rumah mak sedara iman* FYI, i got his number.. haha! i was in doubt to call him.. what the heck! then, i didn't know that i've called him in a suddenly! then, he tried to call me back.. i was scared. iman dah miss call dia.. hurmm.. then, i wrote a message to him that i want to apology to him if i've bothered him.. you know! he really arrogant! * that's i want to say* his message " awk yang call saya, that's why i call you back" Ya Allah, tersirap darah iman;... muka ja handsome, tapi, ya Allah... don't want to say anything.. But, i don't understand why i was still like him.. aigoo.. 

When i was back to Kedah.. i tried to find his Facebook.. And i got it! i adding him as my friend, and he didn't approve me.. yeah! maybe i'm a stranger.. i tried one more time. but, he didn't approve me too.. i've give up, then, i just let him go.. yeah! i was loved a stranger man.. he doesn't know me and i don't know him too.. then,.. iman dengar lagu Back to December.. It's sounds like my story.. iman hanya hayati saja lagu tu.. sampai sekarang iman tak kan lupakan perkara itu... sampai sekarang dia tak approve iman lagi.. hahahaha... i know, i macam S.S.. tapi, he doesn't know! hahaha.. tak SS kan... cuma suka2 ja.. hikhikhik

P/S.. Kyumie, you know everything about this story.. just remind it again..

i'm sorry because my broken english.. 
I'm own nothing...

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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