Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm afraid to fall in love again..

please ! don't torturing me like this.. i don't need a love in my age right now.. if i got my love, i will suffering.. don't you dare appear your love in front me.. i know i need your love, but it doesn't mean that we're meant to be.. no ! we doesn't know where our pathway right know.. we doesn't know our destiny, life partner.. soon, we will know with Allah willing.. Allah determine our love, destiny, life and death.. we should know all of that.. don't we just fun with love until we forgot to Allah.. Allah create us to perform our kindness, to pray of Allah.. and never hope we do the wrong things.. the wrong things such as 'zina'.. Astaghfirullah, protect Your servant.. don't sad, iman.. you will find your best partner soon.. InsyaAllah... so, don't you sad..

dear dark lover, insyaAllah.. we will destined together.. we have to trust with "qada' and qadar" Allah..

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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