Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I will FLY..

heyyyyaaa peeps! today, iman and kakak dibah pergi pasar malam kat Langgar, Alor Setar.. actually, we decided to go by riding bicycle, then, pakcik Lan offered himself to send us at pasar malam.. hahaha.. rezeki jangan ditolak.. kihkih.. kakak diba perhabis semua duit simpanan dia... actually, bukan duit dia, duit yang mak iman bagi sewaktu ketiadaan beliau.. mak iman pegi overseas... so, kena la tampung duit  untuk kami yang still sekolah nie.. hikhikhik.. kak dibah dah habis SPM, just waits for her result this March..

erm.. actually tomorrow will be my last day at SMK Langgar... i will departure to Taiping for my next school.. i will attend to SMV Taiping on this Monday.. i really upset because i will leave my friend and teacher.. that's really sad.. too much memories that i've been through... happy, sad, enraged and everything that we've been through.. i hope we will contact each other ! and become a good buddy for my best friend ! i won't forget you all... all my laughs, tears... i will keep all of that.. i promise !! kenang ku dalam doa mu..

mungkin iman takkan dapat masa nak bukak blog, update blog.. that's because iman akan duduk kat hostel... =) so.. i really sorry because i will not write any entry after this.. maybe, 1 entry for 1 month ! ahhh!! really tortured ! =( 

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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