Saturday, July 30, 2011

Count Day By Day


Happy morning peeper!! this morning, i feel so cool... i hear bird chirping.. i woke at 6.35 A.M. not bad la.. then, i went to the can. the water soo cool. then, i brushed my face and brushing my teeth. owh! what a heaven! so ace! then, i ambil air sembahyang untuk solat subuh.. then, i pray. after i pray, i felt so cold. weyh, this day is raining laa..hahaha. then, i decided to study for this morning,.. trial exam dah nak dekat. and maybe i feel thirsty because SAY ASSALAMUA'LAIKUM TO RAMADHAN!!!  my exam on ramadhan's month.. Soo, maybe all candidate thirsty and tired because we have to 'perah' our brain. Aigoo!! time is short. Now, i REALLY have to strive very well and no more TV, lappy, radio, and no more drinks and foods!! hahahaha... but, i will fresh after berbuka puasa.. hahahah...  i hope that i won't do a boo boo again!! perhaps!! 


this night, my sista and brother will reach to Kedah. By chance, my eldest sista Farhana was came back too...
huhuhu...diorang ni duduk di Czech Republic.. blajaq kat sana... as a doctor. both of them. So, we will wait your arrivals!!

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