Wednesday, June 6, 2012

please, don't flirting me la.. i really amused with you..

woooowwwwzeeexxzz... hamek kau !! i don't know i'm getting agitated or i'm going to laugh.. But, i don't know how many times 'he' was chat with me and used 'sayang's word to me.. ohmmmayyy ! please.. we didn't have any relation la weh.. please don't mess up my mind by thinking about your trouble making. I really sick, you know.Don't make me laugh like crazy.  Okey, maybe you liked me, * okey, bangga sat* but, use another method la .. Don't make me scary to you, because your wrong way to make me as your girlfriend.. Tak dak angin, tak dak hujan, all of sudden, he chatted with me and used sayang's word.. ohh man ! beruk mana tak terkejut. Well, kalau beruk terkejut, mesti tertelan pisang, aku nie yang terkejut ternganga luas mulut aku macam terowong. Please la, don't make that jokes again. Even you're my friend. Jangan la buat lawak maharaja lawak pulak. Weh weh, sapa tak terkejut, tiba2 naik ym " sayang dah makan" ????????? nak terkeluar mata aku tau..Even i want to swallow my saliva stunted by looking at that word.. haish, I remind you back yaaa, never to write that word again, or i will throw up because of that.. 

next time, think first what you want to write.. don't you 'hentam' ja what you want to write.. Maybe you don't know what her feeling.. Maybe, she doesn't like you, or you just noticing yourself by saying that girl like you.. *maybe* Okey, i admit that i was like this too, But, i just latent my feeling. Not to show at him what my feeling to him.. I just let he knows my feeling toward him by himself without i tell to him.. I will feel shy or embarrassed if i overact toward him.. YUCKSS.. not my style la.. What i just to is, just let my feeling love him and he didn't know that i love him. That's all.. Not more than it. If he knew that i like him and he accept me, Alhamdulillah, we'll be 'teman tapi mesra' not as a lover. We just strengthen our relation and not getting bored with our relation. We'll wait and wait until the time is come which is we are adult and suitable to marry.
I will bring him to see my parent and my parent will bless our relation and discuss about the preparation of marriage. OWHHHHH !! so easy peasy ~ no boundaries and hindrance.. Also no OBJECTION !
I really loved if what i just said becomes true in my life.. 
Okey okey okey, that if he accept you as his 'teman tapi mesra', what if he didn't accept you and didn't like you when he knew that you love him.. Maybe he will said to you like this " ko suka aku? cermin diri kau dulu yang ko tu sesuai ke tak ngan aku..." okey, this is a RUUUUUUDDDDEEEE man .. memang kurang ajar jugak la ya, he didn't appreciate that there's a girl love and like him.. well, if i met this guy, aku tumbuk tumbuk dia bagi lumat( halus). Okey la, kalau ada lelaki yang cakap macam tu, hampa sepak dia atau bagi penerajang sikit, then blah terus. Don't flow your tears because of him.. there's a lot of guys out there, not his only.. Allah dah tentukan jodoh kita sejak umur kita 4bulan dalam perut mak kita.. * if i'm not mistaken* so, don't find a love because love will find us.. Remember?

reminder for you too, seducer*i mean that boy* jangan kamu sesuka hati nak hantar mesej macam tu lagi pada aku.. understand?

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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