Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playing Without Counting The Time

Annyeong you all... hehe... today, i gonna story to you all about yesterday.. yesterday, hadi, izul,adam and i were playing badminton.. it was wonderful with our laughing, cheering and painful.. Painful? Man! whose wounded yesterday? worst or not? hahaha... shocked right??... check it out....

my younger brother.. 



hadi with his skill 

adam with his skill 

iman with her skill..
eh! kejap2.. skill apa yang aq ada? hahaha... I just jadi photographer ja kat situ..

poyo's face.. haha!

testing skill Iman ber-photograph.. ahaks

smile... =D

testing skill lagik! harap2 boleh jadi photographer yang mahir! ahhh! blah arr ko! hahah

actually, tak banyak pun gambq diorang main.. gambaq iman yang banyak! hahahaah

all of sudden, Izzul jatuh dengan secara tiba2.. kami pakat terkejut lalu ketawa terbahak-bahak... 

hadi ketawa sampai jadi macam ni. iman tak tau nak describe macam mna, so tgok gmbaq ja.. =P

adam hanya ketawa sambil cover macho.. ahakx.. blah arr ko!

actually, iman pon main badminton tapi sayang. tak dak gambaq iman main.. hurm.. tak dak sapa pon nak snap gmbaq iman.. tak pa la... =)

tired face... serius! penat kot... 

p/s ... i'm not beautiful queen, i'm just ordinary girl who doesn't know what means of beauty..

till then,
peace yawww!!

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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