Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Morning Friday...

weeee.... finally, school holiday has begun! but, when school holiday started, i can' see my friend, teacher, and school... hurm.. so sad.. i can't see pupil cheer up, students escaping from the class, and teacher's anger.. hahaha... actually, zaman persekolahan kita tak boleh dilupakan.. right! always keep it as our sweet memories.. and, you know? sometimes, colleger wouldn't forget their school time even they stepped into their university or college.. hurm, better kita menikmati zaman persekolahan kita sementara masa masih ada,. hahahax... 

actually, I ada story nak cerita kt pepper smua... I ade terbaca satu cerpen.. dalam google.. serius I smpai nangis membacanya... hurm.. check it out!!

 E, a guy. well, i don't want to disclose his identity... i just want to share with you guys... okey... 

actually, I ada knal sorang boy ni. he's so kind, and jovial. he's so kind to me. and treat me very well.. i really loved that moments... firstly, i just considering him as my best friend.. then, he always accost me.. if he felt bored, he will send me a messages.. and i always wait for his messages.. he' so special.. hurm.. 

we like a special friend... we text together.. share our ideas.. and sometimes, he always make a joke.. i just laughed.. And i think he really comfort with me.. until i have knew that my  friend * girl* messaging with him.. 

I call her as H.. H secretly admired and loved him. I've already knew. from her speak, manner, and behavior.. I've understood her feeling. H bermesej dengan E secara diam-diam.. until he didn't message with me again... I really upset and disappointed! and i cried full of my heart....  i decide to forget him, but i can't....  I can't.. i can't.. I CAN'T.... . But, thank you  because you pernah appreciate I.. I loved that moments...

hurm... that what i want to share with you all... kisah dia atas ni sama je mcm kisah I.. erm.. maybe, I teruk lagi kot,.. I baca cerpen ni pon menitik air mata... hurm... 

Ainatul Nabihah... you know everything... I've told you everything... no more secret from me... 

I'm not a princess,
this ain't a fairytale,
I'm not the one you'll 
sweep off the feet
lead her up the stairwell
this ain't Hollywood
this is a small town
i was a dreamer before
you went and let me down
NOW! it's too late for you and 

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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