Saturday, January 18, 2014


hello there, it has been so long i haven't update my beloved blog. i really wanted to write, but there was a lot of hindrance and hatch , you know what i mean. Lately too, my self condition also wasn't good enoough too. Stressed? i'm also don't know what was happened before. My mind was empty and there was no idea. I had a rubbish in my brain so i couldn't think wisely. Hahaha.. Tapi kan hidup aku waras lagii.. Laugh, crazy is on by my side. 

Okey, back to the topic. NIGHTMARE. you know what's mean of that right... Last night, i dreamt a lot of snake. And i was really scared. I woke with shock . I recited the Doa, so i could sleep again. Yet, i woke to perform my prayer at the dawn. And i already know that having dream of snake is sound like creepy. Some people said that ada sihir. Some people said too ada orang nak masuk meminang and whatsoever. Menurut Islam, biasa lah,, syaitan nak kacau. thats why la we dream something bad and nice. tak semua mimpi yang bagus-bagus, right? haha. So, i took it as aku mimpi ni sebab syaitannirojim nak kacau aku. Sihir and meminang tu aku letak tepi laa.. because i put a lot of trust on Allah. I believe He will protects me ! as long as i obey on Him and i keep doing what He asked and i leave every bad thing.. So, Insya Allah, It was a bad dream . Mungkin aku baca doa tidur, tapi dalam otak tak ingat kat Dia. 

So, kalau nak berdoa tu, ingat la pada Allah, please don't remember to boyfriend ke, apa ke, that's why la Syaiton tu kacau kita. so, My advise, Ambik wuduk sebelum tidur, baca Al-Mulk. buat amalan sebelum tidu. forr example, doa tidur, syahadah. selawat. ayat Kursi and two sentences after ayat Kursi. Al Fatihah. Pastikan tidur mengiring belah kanan tau.

That's all i can share to you all. haha! until right now, i'm still shocked and afraid with snakes ! Allah Protects meeee... 
Insya Allah.

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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