Saturday, September 15, 2012

We were lost contact. But, i will find you..

hey peeps, long time no see. hurrm, anyway, i really not so good in this night. I feel lazy to update my blog. There's no soul for my to type on my lappy's keyboard. THAT'S because i keep thinking about him. I sent a message but 'he' didn't reply. Oh MY ! I just want to say that I really want we being like before. Always Sending message if we're bored. BUT, WHY!!? you did not reply my message??! Or you just played around with me before. Just want to fulfill your free time by texting me?!!! I know i was to dump till i didn't know that you just playing around me and made me feel something strange feeling toward you. And probably you want me to pat hand will not sound. Okey, I admit that i have another feeling toward you ! And I feel this is enough.
My brain is facing with zero idea. thanks for reading guys. I really don't have any idea. It is because i keep imagine his silhouette. I am loopy right now. HEHKK???!!!!

Balik Selama, Kedah tadi. Best tak kata apa lah sebab lama gegilouus tak balik kampung..


Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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