Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random out of my Mind

ollallaaa.. ! This day, i am not so good for doing anything. my jobs are sleeping , watching Korean Drama, eat and so on. But, i did not touch my homework yet ! Teruk, right? hahaha.. i know i love to finish my works in a  last minute. At least, i have finish my works,, right? And, tomorrow, i will go back to my hostel. After that, i will do know when i will go back to hometown yet. My school's office management is so dull. They will announce something that important at last minute. sometimes, i'm gonna break some furniture when my school is doing something like humid . arghh, sometimes, we are late to inform something that important to our parents. Okay, stop getting mad, Aiman. you will ruin anything. okay, i just want to tell you us that i watched princess hour . it was a royal drama. i watched that drama because i adore the actor. hikhiii.. 

muka mintak penampaq.

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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