Saturday, July 7, 2012


Bonjour peeps ! Long time no see... well, i was a prisoner of my hostel, 1 month i didn't go back to my house.. Thank to Allah coz has opened my warden's heart.. heeeeeeeeeeee...

Mirror?? well, mirror is cermin.. cermin nie mesti hotstuff, right?? ya la, everyday, everytime, every minute and every second, semua orang pandang dia.. so, mirror is the fame stuff.. everybody is looking for it, including me ! Aku sebenarnya tak boleh dipisahkan dengan cermin .. kalau aku nak pi mana-mana, aku selalu bawak mini mirror.. hehehhe.. as a young girl like me, the beauty is important for all young girl.. kalau boleh, every second nak belek muka, right?? for sure like me.. 

Ada orang cakap, mirror is can be the camera too... lepas nie, boleh la duduk depan cermin sambil buat 'pose'... aku pon tergolong dengan perbuatan nie.. mengaku nieh! okey, lepas ini, pandang cermin and say, I'm am a beautiful creatures that have made by Allah and i really proud  of my self..


pretending to be a cute one 

Thanks For Reading. You Are Awesome

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