Monday, May 5, 2014


recently, i checked my IPG's result. I didn't get the interview. At first, i was so down because i really want to be apart of IPG's member. But, i know Allah is already arrange something better than this to me. I know He won't let me down. I know something good is waiting for me. Life is not cruel, isn't it? We must try harder to achieve our goal. Maybe i wasn't too struggle to be a teacher. Did the test with over-confident face of whatever was it. I know, in our life, it has up and down situation. Sometimes, we can have something what we want, and sometimes we can't get something that we yearn. Life is fair. Allah is Fair. He determine something to us with our abilities. Maybe i don't have the character of being a teacher. I accept that. Maybe, my future is anything else except being a teacher. There is a lot of jobs nowadays. What we have to do is keep struggle and chase after our dream. Yeah, maybe my old dream is to be a teacher, but i won't burn my dream just like that, who knows i could be a teacher one day? We still don't know what will happen after this. Only He can knows everything. Past, Present, Future. He knows well about this world. So, return to Allah and never sigh with any test that He give to us. Every cloud has their silver lining, right? Be happy with His planning. His planning is always the best !! 

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